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Our products are made from locally sourced textiles that are good for our planet and our skin: organic cotton & bamboo. It is important that your Forge products are well cared for, so that tthey last and wear well. All of our products can be machine washed in cold water, on a gentle cycle. Ensure that all magnets are closed together, so they don't get stuck to the drum of the machine. Like your other bamboo baby essentials, please refrain from using the dryer, and lay our products flat to dry.  

magnets & safety

All of our products are uniquely outfitted with magnetic closures, made from N45 static earth magnets. Each magnet is encased in TPU plastic, which is one of the most environmentally friendly plastics that contains no harmful chemicals and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. With respect to the safety of magnets in clothing, we use static magnets, which have not been proven to be harmful (or helpful) to people. The magnets are encased in plastic and carefully sewn between two pieces of fabric to ensure that they cannot be tampered with by little fingers. It would be very difficult for the magnets to come loose on our products, but if you notice any rips or loose stitching around the magnets, immediately stop using the product and reach out to our customer service so we can get you a new, safe replacement!

As with any static magnet, please keep all of our products away from pacemakers. Static magnets may interfere with the proper function of pacemakers.


The front of our baby bibs are made from a OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 bamboo & organic cotton. This is a super soft and absorbent, sustainable fabric. The bibs are lined with a recycled polyester fabric which is made using recycled plastic bottles (original bibs are made with Repreve®); this material boasts moisture-wicking properties which is designed to keep baby & their clothing comfortably dry. 
Our magnetic rompers are made from a blend of 66% bamboo 28% organic cotton and 6% spandex, and our waffle rompers are made from 100% organic cotton. 

care for your clothes, like the good friends they are: close magnets, wash gentle, cold, lay flat to dry

washing instructions

Ensure the best possible care of your forge magnetic bibs and clothing by following these key washing tips:

  1. check that all magnets are closed
  2. wash on a gentle cycle in cold water
  3. lay flat to dry

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